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Pintos already contains a test suite for Project User Programs, but not all of the parts of this project have complete test coverage. You must submit two new test cases which exercise functionality that is not covered by existing tests. We will not tell you what features to write tests for, so you will be responsible for identifying which features of this project would benefit most from additional tests. Make sure your own project implementation passes the tests that you write. You can pick any appropriate name for your test, but beware that test names should be no longer than 14 characters.

You can either write tests in user space or kernel space. User space tests interact with the kernel through system calls, whereas kernel space tests have direct access to the kernel. We encourage you to write user space tests, though it may be more convenient to write kernel-based tests if you want to test the FPU. All user space tests and kernel space tests are respectively located in src/tests/userprog and src/tests/userprog/kernel/.