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Table of contents

  1. Changes
  2. Reflection
  3. Testing

After you complete the code for your project, your group will write a report reflecting on the project. While you’re not expected to write a massive report, we are asking for the same level of detail as expected for the design document. Here is the template for the report. Your report should include the following sections.


Discuss any changes you made since your initial design document. Explain why you made those changes. Feel free to reiterate what you discussed with your TA during the design review if necessary.


Discuss the contribution of each member. Make sure to be specific about the parts of each task each member worked on. Reflect on the overall working environment and discuss what went well and areas of improvement.


For each of the 2 test cases you write, provide

  • Description of the feature your test case is supposed to test.

  • Overview of how the mechanics of your test case work, as well as a qualitative description of the expected output.

  • Output and results of your own Pintos kernel when you run the test case. These files will have the extensions .output and .result.

  • Two non-trivial potential kernel bugs and how they would have affected the output of this test case. Express these in the form “If my kernel did X instead of Y, then the test case would output Z instead.”. You should identify two different bugs per test case, but you can use the same bug for both of your two test cases. These bugs should be related to your test case (e.g. syntax errors don’t)

In addition, tell us about your experience writing tests for Pintos. What can be improved about the Pintos testing system? What did you learn from writing test cases?