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After you finish all the components above, you must submit an evaluation of your group members. You will be given 20(n − 1) points to distribute amongst your group members not including yourself, where n is the number of people in your group. For instance, if you have four team members, you will get 60 points to distribute amongst the rest of your group members. If you believe all group members contributed equally, you would give each member 20 points each.

You will also fill out the details of what each member worked on. While this is similar to Report portion of the report, this will serve as a space to truthfully speak about the contributions since the report is a collaborative document.

To submit evaluations, navigate to your personal repo and pull from the staff repo. You should see a folder for evaluations (e.g. proj-userprog-eval for Project User Programs) which contains a evals.txt. Fill out the evals.txt file. Each line should pertain to one group member, so make your comments for each group member remain in that line. The following is an example of what your csv should look like.

Name|Autograder ID (XXX)|Score|Comment
Jieun Lee|516|23|Worked on all tasks finished the testing report
Taeyeon Kim|309|20|Worked on tasks 2, 3, 4, helped come up with a lot of design ideas.
Sean Kim|327|17|Helped with task 1 and testing but didn't work on design doc.

Your comments should be longer and more descriptive than the ones given above. Ideally, aim to write between 100 and 200 words for each group member.

This evaluation will remain anonymous from the rest of your group members. If we notice some extreme weightings of scores, we will reach out and arrange a meeting to discuss any group issues. These evaluations are important and hold substantial weight, so fill them out honestly and thoroughly. See Grading for more information on how evaluations will be used.