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Design documents and final reports should be submitted to Gradescope to their respective locations. You can export your document from Dropbox Paper by clicking on the three dots in the top right hand corner and clicking “Export”.

Make sure you’ve pushed your code and have an autograder build. This build must include the testing code for you to receive credit on testing.

Make sure to push your evals to your individual repo to trigger the autograder. If you get errors from the autograder, make sure to check that you’ve done the following.

  • Included exactly n − 1 members (i.e. no evals of yourself).

  • Autograder IDs are correct and not prefixed with student (i.e. 162 instead of student162).

  • The points sum to exactly 20(n − 1).

  • No negative points for any member.

  • Header row is present.

  • Each line contains one evaluation. Your comment section should not consist of multiple lines.

  • No extra lines at the end of the file.

Make sure to not change the header row.