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Our projects in CS 162 will use Pintos, an educational operating system. They’re designed to give you practical experience with the central ideas of operating systems in the context of developing a real, working kernel, without being excessively complex. The skeleton code for Pintos has several limitations in its file system, thread scheduler, and support for user programs. In the course of these projects, you will greatly improve Pintos in each of these areas.

To get started, head in to your VM and grab the Pintos skeleton code from the staff repository.

cd ~/code/personal
git pull staff main

The details of this assignment can be found on the Tasks page. However, you may find it helpful to first read through some of the CS 162 Pintos documentation. This will likely help you understand the required tasks.

We recommend reading through the following sections of the Pintos documentation:

In this exercise you will learn more about some of the basics of Pintos, such as debugging, and will be given an opportunity to fix a bug in Pintos. Unlike future projects, this one is individual, meaning all work (both code and written answers) must be your own. This project is meant to give you a feel for how Pintos is structured and how to use some general debugging tools.