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Getting started

Log in to the Vagrant Virtual Machine (or instructional machine/cloud setup, if you aren’t using a Vagrant VM) that you set up in HW 0. You should have a copy of the Pintos skeleton code in ~/code/personal/proj-pregame on your VM. If you don’t see the proj-pregame folder, run git pull staff master to get the latest copy of the starter code.

Once you have made some progress on your project, you can push your code to the autograder just by running git push origin master (or just git push for short). For example:

git commit -m "Added feature X to Pintos"
git push origin master

To compile Pintos and run the Project Userprog tests:

cd ~/code/personal/proj-pregame/src/userprog
make check

The last command should run the Pintos test suite. These are the same tests that run on the autograder. The skeleton code already passes some of these tests. By the end of each project, your code should pass all of the corresponding tests.