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Instructional machine setup (VM alternative)

If you prefer not to use the VM as a development environment or are unable to set up the VM for local development, you can use the EECS Instructional Computers instead.

To use the EECS Instructional Computers, you should first acquire a UNIX account from EECS Instructional WebAcct, then use that account to login to a suitable EECS Instructional Computer (ashby, derby, cedar). The first time you login, you should run the CS 162 setup script, which loads the development repositories and utilities. You can then use the instructional machine as your development environment, similar to the VM, though some features may still be unavailable.

Make sure to connect to the Berkeley VPN and to select the “split tunnel” gateway option before you attempt to SSH.

. /home/ff/cs162/public/setup

You should still follow the steps in Virtual Machine Configuration to set up Git, SSH, and your repositories.