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Table of contents

  1. Autograder
  2. Gradescope


To push your code to the autograder do:

cd ~/code/personal/hw-intro
git status
git add limits.c map.c recurse.c words/main.c words/word_count.c Makefile
git commit -m "Finished my first CS 162 assignment"
git push personal main

This saves your work and it gives the instructors a chance to see the progress you are making. Congratulations on not waiting until the last minute!

Check the website at for more details about your submissions. You might need to manually trigger a build on this site because of issues with Github’s pushhook.

Note that the questions with written responses submitted to Gradescope will not be shown in nor graded by the autograder.

Hopefully after this you are slightly more comfortable with your tools. You will need them for the long road ahead!


The written portions of assignments will be submitted to Gradescope. If you’re enrolled in the class you should have already been added to Gradescope.

If you’re not in Gradescope or the autograder, please make a private post on Ed and include your name, email, and Student ID.