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First, read list.h to understand the API. Focus on the examples given in the big docstring in the beginning of the file.

Next, thoroughly read through the data structures and methods in word_count.h. In particular, pay attention to the word_count_t and word_count_list_t structs. You may find it beneficial to see the compiler flags used in the Makefile and how that affects the struct definitions.

Finally, complete word_count_l.c to properly implement the word count API given in word_count.h. You must use the Pintos list API. After you finish making this change, lwords should work properly (i.e. exhibit the same behavior as frequency mode of words).

The wordcount_sort function sorts the wordcount list according to the comparator passed as an argument. Although lwords uses the less count function from word_helpers.h as the less argument, the wordcount sort function should be generic enough to work with any valid comparator passed in as the less argument. For example, passing the less word function from word_helpers.h as the less parameter should. Check out some basics on function pointers if you’re having trouble understanding and writing the syntax.