### Compiling your C program Let's get familiarized with C again. - All C programs begin with a main function - The first argument `argc` denotes the number of elements in `argv` - The second argument `argv` is a list of string arguments inputted into the program - The return value of a function indicates the exit code where 0 means successful - At the top of the file we have an `#include` statement to include `stdio.h`, a library that contains functions such as printf. - We can use `printf` to print formatted strings. In this case `%s` treats the input as a string. - `printf` is your friend for debugging! - `printf` doesn't emit a newline, so you'll have to add a `\n` if you want a newline In order to compile our file we can use `gcc intro.c -o intro` and run the program using `./intro arg1!` If we just run `./intro`, we'll get a segfault!